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Pretty in Pink and Pain

In pink or divested of her clothes, she is hardly prepared for what her Dom is about to inflict on her. The Dom ties up his captive, taking great care and attention in tying up her wrists with strong rope. Then he suspends her from the ceiling and lashes out at her with a buggy whip.

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Cruel Torture

Mouth torture…ass torture…you name it, she endures it. But not happily or quietly. She is screaming all the way.

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Dominating Two Submissives

One Dominant Master takes on two submissives at once and subjugates both to his whims as he inlicts his harshest punishment on both at once. In a gym settng, two sweet young irls are brutalized by a domineering male with a cat o nine tails and some other equipment meant to show the girls who is the master here. Though they cry out pitifully, there is no escaping the cruelty of their Master.

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Bound and Brutalized

How many different ways can a cruel master dream up to torture a helpless slave? Tied and tortured, bound and brutalized, slapped and spanked and whipped and punished beyond belief, a young girl is helpless in the thrall of a cruel and harsh Dominant master.

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Dungeon Delight, with Wax

A captive in a dungeon-like imprisonment area is the recipient of a variety of tortures including having hot wax dripped on her.She resists as he tries to strip her, but of course he wins out and has his way. Naked, exposed, and vulnerable–and tied up, naturally–she withholds information he wants, which only results in severe retribution. Don\’t miss how red her whole body gets! After dripping hot wax on her, hewhips her some more, then suspends her upside-down and whips her further

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Take That! And That!

Brutal punishment is in store for the hapless gal who crosses paths with this cruel Dom. A brownette in black stockings is chained to radiator pipes and flogged with a cat o nine tails Her captor squeezes her titties and slaps them, and pinches her nipples and tugs on them

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Hungry for Punishment

Such sad eyes our captive has! She looks at the camera with an expression that tears at your heart. But you know she asked for the treatment that is being meted out to her. Tied up to a post, she flinches as her Master approaches her with a whip in each hand and metes out two-handed punishment, relentlessly but with measured strokes giving her a taste of what he feels she deserves.

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