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Outdoors BDSM Training Big Time

Even the great outdoors isn`t safe. This woman is gagged and roped to a bamboo rod outside near the tiny stream. Her BDSM master, wearing a gag mask, approaches with a single tail whip. He goes to work on her bare naked titties. Her tiny tits just jerk and twitch with each beating. Her nipples harden from fear and sensation. She can`t scream out for help, nor run, gagged and toes tied together. This kinky outdoor BDSM punishment is both beautiful and disturbing at the same time. With his victim totally within his fiendish grasp, he now takes time to spank her ass. He pulls aside her panties and spanks her until she can barely keep herself upright on that rock. Again and again, the gas mask clad fiend whips her tight tush. She writhes around like a fish out of water. He enjoys being dominant over this helpless chick and knows she also enjoys being treated like a raw piece of captured meat.

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